Our Plan is Working

March 20, 2012

In the past few weeks, as we told you we intended to do, we have successfully moved eight of the entertainment industry’s most frail and vulnerable into our long-term care unit, bringing our total to 34. A few of these good folks had previously left MPTF’s LTC and have now returned, and the others have moved from elsewhere on our campus to a level of care they require. Our plan is to fill the unit to 39 beds (leaving 1 available for emergency cases).

The re-opening of the unit couldn’t have gone better – starting with the community project previously mentioned in my blog that painted the walls, cleaned the patios, and potted plants for the patios; continuing with new draperies and window coverings and flat-screen TVs for the rooms; and ending with an incredibly caring staff from our nursing, activities, facilities, social services, housekeeping, and other departments paying attention to each new resident to ensure that the moves would go smoothly. The reviews are in and they are 2 thumbs up for MPTF staff!!!!

Let’s talk about what else these relocations into long-term care mean for MPTF and for the industry. In the process of filling the beds in LTC, we have managed to open up eight beds in our memory care unit, Harry’s Haven, and are in the process of filling those both from “within” (residents on the MPTF campus who are medically appropriate and can benefit from the specialized care in this unit) and from the community at large. With a high demand and robust wait-list for this residential community, we will happily be making our fantastic memory-care service available to deserving industry members.

Next, with select industry members migrating into LTC and Harry’s Haven, we have opened up a significant number of units in our residential community and now have the unusual opportunity to welcome interested and deserving retirees onto the magnificent Wasserman Campus in Woodland Hills. As a result of recent focus groups we conducted with 31 industry members on our “inactive” wait-list (industry members who have indicated that they’re not quite ready to move in), we recognize that the biggest draw to MPTF’s residential community will be the high level of care we provide in our assisted living segment and we have openings there.

All in all, we are proud to say that our strategic plan is working, that we are putting your generous gifts and volunteer time to the best use, and that the health of MPTF is improving daily. That’s not to say that we don’t continue to have concerns, most especially about the growing number of industry members who are losing health insurance eligibility, who are out of work for weeks and months at a time as production continues to leave Hollywood, and who need our support in dealing with financial, social, and health needs. But in the past few months we have built a stronger and more stable foundation for MPTF and we will use that sturdier platform to continue to execute on our plans to broaden the industry’s knowledge of MPTF as its premier safety net.

About Bob Beitcher

Bob Beitcher is the President and CEO of the Motion Picture & Television Fund. He has been a senior executive in the entertainment industry for 30 years, having held leadership roles at Jim Henson Productions, Paramount Pictures, Panavision and MacAndrews & Forbes Media Group. Bob has been an MPTF board member since 2007. He became interim CEO in 2010 and was named permanent CEO in 2011.

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