Going Beyond Five Stars

March 7, 2013

Last week, we were delighted to learn that US News & World Report had named MPTF’s skilled nursing home as top facility in our area, with an overall rating of five stars, citing Nurse Staffing levels and Quality of Care in particular. The US News recognition is a strong validation of the terrific efforts of our staff, management, and volunteers and certainly an encouraging milestone for us. And the really exciting spin to this is that we know that we can and will do better thanks to the leadership being provided by our new COO, Dave Asplund, our new CNO, Randy Stone, and other new managers and key contributors in the group. We now have some very focused education and training programs in place, new tools to measure quality outcomes across many variables, and upgraded skills in critical positions. We look forward to maintaining our Five-Star rating and improving on all US News measurements in the future.

Those are the headlines. Now to share just one of the stories that will give you the human side of the metrics that get you five stars. Kaye Phillip Brown has been a resident at MPTF since March 2009. Her husband was a long-time member of IATSE Local 706 (make-up artists and hair stylists) and Kaye moved here after he passed away. In March 2011, she fell and endured one year of tremendous challenge – in rehab, several hospitalizations, and then in long term care.. She was followed all this time by our Community Care Team — doctor, nurse practitioner, chaplaincy, activities coordinator, social worker, volunteers – and we were active in providing care to keep her going and getting better. When we began to once again admit patients to the MPTF long-term care facility in March 2012, we invited Kaye to move back “home” and she took us up on the offer. At the time, her health was in a desperate condition: she was barely talking and was being fed through a tube. The rest is wonderful news. In the last 12 months, she has shown constant improvement in her health and spirits; she’s walking again and showing the old charm and beauty that she was known for.

And here’s the part that no ratings can tell you about. Kaye is in such good spirits lately that she’s been talking loudly about her desire to “get out of here.” As pretty as our campus is, she wanted a change of scenery. So one of our Activities coordinators, Abel Hurtado, took her to the beach in Santa Monica. Here are the photos:

Kaye Phillip Brown Close-up

Kaye Phillip Brown Beach

You can’t beat that! The high nurse staffing levels, the quality of service, everything else US News measures– that’s a five star rating. A day at the beach, priceless.

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