95 Years and Beyond

September 21, 2016

We all have a lot to celebrate in marking MPTF’s 95th anniversary this year.  After all, how many not-for-profits make it to age 95?  And how many industries can say that their generosity in philanthropic giving and volunteer support have sustained an organization providing broad-scale health and social services programming, along with a spectacular residential community?  The answer to the first question is very few and to the second, could be just one – the entertainment industry in Hollywood.

So celebrate!

But wait, not for too long!  Like any purpose-seeking 95 year old, we’re not looking back; instead, we’re looking to the future and how we can bring care and comfort, joy and well-being, security and social engagement, and a rich menu of opportunities to stay creative to the next generations of our entertainment community.  We reckon that roughly 75,000 industry Baby Boomers will be retiring over the next 5-7 years, and MPTF wants to be certain that we are in a position to support them in whatever third act they want to pursue.  If it’s active senior living with an activity program targeted at healthy hearts, minds, and spirits, the plans for our new MPTF Village development in Woodland Hills might be just the thing! If it’s staying active in the community, then our walking clubs might be a great way to stay fit and stay connected to other industry members. If problems arise with their own aging parents, then our Elder Connection program could be a great option for professional advice from experienced social workers.

It all comes back to you.  MPTF is here for you and because of you.  Every year we face new financial challenges as the needs of our community become more complex and the cost of our support escalates.  Our ALL IN campaign, launching this month, is an opportunity for every industry member to check the I’m MPTF box and remember that we’re all in this together.

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