Jay Roach – Producer of “Little Fockers”

January 31, 2011
jay roach, little fockers

Jay Roach – MPTF Screening of “Little Fockers”

Jay Roach, producer, of “Little Fockers” starring superstars Barbra Streisand, Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman and its catalyst comic star, Ben Stiller, visited the Motion Picture & Television Fund Campus to be a guest on our Channel 22’s “Heart of Hollywood” series as well as a Q & A with our residents before screening “Little Fockers.” In conducting my interview with Jay, I couldn’t help notice how sincere and dedicated he was to his art and craft.

Besides success with the “Meet the Parents” franchise, Roach is well known for his directing/producing work on such smash comedic films as “Austin Powers, The Spy Who Shagged Me,” “Austin Powers: Gold Member,” and the incredible “Borat,” among others.

A Stanford and USC Film School graduate, Roach — no relation, but a fan of, the legendary Hal Roach — thought his career would be that of a writer but as we all know, life sometimes takes us to exactly where we never thought we’d be.

A quiet, serious man of shy demeanor, the association with Roach and outlandish comedy might seem a mix of oil and water; but in his case, the mixture works wonderfully!

— Joe

* Correction made on Feb 11, 2011, Jay Roach is producer of “Little Fockers”

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